3D & Modelling

At INYSA we are highly passionate about making 3D creations. Our talented and creative 3D artists strive to make high quality 3D models using the best tools available.

If you're a concept artist wanting to materialize your art or a game developer looking to put 3D assets in your game, we can help you reach your goal.

Model Creation

INSYA  provides a wide range of 3D modelling services. Our team uses Blender 3D and Unity 3D, as well as cutting edge hardware for modelling projects. We pay great attention to the detail and quality of every model we create. You can see our various modelling services as well as our previous work below

* Concept art to 3D modelling

* Character creation

* Environment modelling

* Object modelling

* Low poly models

* Other 3D assets

Material & Textures

Have models or environments that need materials or textures? Materials are what make or break models and how quality models stand out from the rest. Our team uses Substance Painter to make custom textures and materials to ensure the best looking 3D environments.


Have the models but need them animated? Need to set up the movements for your characters and objects?

Our team can add realistic movement to your models and environments.